Sussy Baka Impostor (Now deceased)

A dying wish...

After being seen venting, Sussy Baka Impostor was found out as the impostor, his last wish before he got thrown into space was that there be a token launched in his name, and thus, $AMOGUS was created to honor him and leave a tribute to the legendary game Among Us.

The Crewmates


And so, after one last emergency meeting the crew got together and decided to launch $AMOGUS, the official Among Us fan token.

Supply - 1 Billion
Contract - Renounced
Liquidity - Burned

Token address -D8JPg9ueYKM9JHMbHYXnmzvQdHHHeX3Ls2ryGxp16x5P

How to buy

Create a wallet

Create a Solana wallet with a unique wallet address through Phantom browser extension/app, or any other wallet of your choice.

Get some $SOL

You can fund your wallet through a CEX like Binance or Coinbase, or you can buy $SOL directly from your Phantom wallet. You're going to need $SOL to switch to $AMOGUS.

Go to Jupiter

Go to Jupiter or any other Solana DEX of your choice and connect your wallet, here you swap your $SOL for $AMOGUS.

Sussy baka impostor

Sussy baka impostor rests more easily, and he appreciates you honoring his last dying wish by being a part of the $AMOGUS movement. Stay sussy.


- $AMOGUS is born
- $AMOGUS spreads in notoriety
- Sussy Baka Impostor rests easier in his grave
- $AMOGUS total meme takeover
- World domination with Sussy Baka Impostor being hailed as the leader
- Sussy vibes forever

In honor of
Sussy Baka Impostor


$AMOGUS has no association with Among Us. This token is simply paying homage to a meme we all love and recognize.$AMOGUS is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.

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